say yahoo or something

My grandfather passed away last Monday morning from congestive heart failure. Poppy was a big kid with a fantastic imagination. Every Sunday, my parents would pack up my sister and I and we’d head over to Nan and Pop’s house. And every Sunday, we played. From playing checkers (Poppy cheated every time) to playing library (Poppy always tried to steal the books), he was always full of the dickens.

One of my favourite games with Poppy was hide and seek. But we didn’t call it hide and seek. I’d count to ten, call out “Say yahoo or something” and hear him cry out “Yahoo!!!” in a voice a few octaves too high for a grown man. And off I’d go. There was no need to poke about trying to find him behind doors or in closets. He was always in the same spot – beside Nanny’s bed, with his feet sticking out. After Poppy passed, my sister told me she didn’t know where to find him now. Bec, he’s just found a better hiding place. Say yahoo or something.

Love MacApple


Me {aka MacApple}, Poppy and Bec {aka Hortenz}

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