Dress Up!

I take this Aunt business very seriously. There’s no mucking about or slacking off. It’s straight to work! First up. I need to start putting together a hat collection. My Poppy had a big bag full of the most fabulous hats – veiled ones, satin ones, straw ones, you name it, he had it. I posted a picture of us in our fabulous hats last year. It’s my turn now! What kind of hats should I get?

{pic via All the Mountains}

3 thoughts on “Dress Up!

  1. Hats are great and so full of personality! Everyone needs a fall hat. (I only have my trusty red knitted tuque that I wear in the fall/winter/spring)
    I like the feel of chapstick on my lips. It’s the season again! And a peppermint mocha sounds lovely right about now.

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