Have a Bubbly Weekend

Phew! The weekend is upon us! I’m looking forward to getting some good workouts in. But first, Libby and I must pay the doctors a visit. She’s never overly thrilled when we visit the vet (even though he’s quite a lovely man!). But go we must and she’ll feel better afterwards. Otherwise, we’re going to unwind with some reading and I may try to hit the movie theatre some time along the way too. I wish you a lovely, relaxing weekend!


It’s Alive!

Oooosh my apologies friends! I have been sick, sick, sick! I think I’d been surviving on adrenalaine for so long that my body finally went, “Nah. I give up.” So I spent much of my time watching crappy tv and reading books. It was nice for about a day. And then it was boring.  Oh how I love to be out and about in the world!

(image via The Thinking Tank)

Brené Brown

Prepare to bawl your little eyes out for the next 40 minutes with these TED Talks. The first is about vulnerability and the second is about shame. Heavy topics right? Yup I suppose it is for hump day. Just trust me. These are worth a look (and a whole box of kleenex too!).