Tomorrow’s Looking Beautiful

I recently discovered that my one and only forehead wrinkle has magically morphed into two. I stood there, two inches from the mirror, and thought, “Ooosh. I’m getting older.”

But is that really such a bad thing?

What is it about aging that makes us run for the hills? What is it that sends us on the search for lotions and potions and nips and tucks to reverse the inevitable? Is it really that that new wrinkle is a reminder of our mortality? Are we really all that deep? Or are we simply comparing our current selves to our younger selves? The version of us with fewer lines, bumps and wrinkles.

The fact of the matter is some of the most beautiful women I know are older. My mother just celebrated her 59th birthday on Tuesday and is, quite frankly, stunning. I know she’ll be turning heads well into her golden years. At 62, Meryl Streep graced the cover of Vogue. And Mac Cosmetic’s latest spokesmodel is 90 years old. With age comes grace. Confidence. Softness. Mystery.

Today, I secretly find myself loving my body more and more every day. I like the curves. I like that the lines on my face add a softness to it. 

So maybe, just maybe we’re really getting more and more beautiful every day.  

What do you love about your body today? If you can’t think of a darn thing, then I highly suggest you start looking! Pour yourself a bath, light some candles and pay attention to your muscles, skin and curves. When you emerge from the tub, look in the mirror and find that somethin’ somethin’. It’s there.


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