Rebecca’s Baby Shower: Tokens

Rebecca has some wonderful, wonderful friends. They’re all very unique. Jen has a vivacious whimsy to her that most of us unfortunately lose somewhere between childhood and adolescence. Nancy is one of the most gentle people I’ve ever met. Karen is slap-your-knee hilarious. And Magui is wonderfully genuine. Christa, one of Bec’s best friends couldn’t make the shower, but she sent a couple of hilarious t-shirts for the bubba. She always seems to know just what to say to Bec to lift her spirits and feel loved. And Sonya never ceases to surprise me with how sweet she is. While most of them didn’t know one another at the shower, it was so lovely to see them together. And even more lovely to see the different ways each of them enrich Rebecca’s life.

Mona, Yack’s mom, took the trek from Shawville to be there for the day. I’d never met her before and I was so happy to have finally met her! She brought her scrumptous strawberry jam and her fantastic sense of humour. In the three years I’ve lived in my apartment, my Nanny had never seen it before. I was happy she arrived a little early so I could give her the tour and chat it up before the guests arrived.

I really couldn’t have done the shower without my Mom though. From helping me get my apartment in order, to making all the sandwiches with me to bringing over all the teacups and platters, she was a great help. She’s a gem, I tell ya!

All the guests brought home a lollipop and tea courtesy of Althea. Thanks for coming gals!

2 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Baby Shower: Tokens

  1. Well, that just brought a tear to my eye! Thanks for saying such lovely things – I’m truly blessed to have you and Bec (and now Althea) in my life. Looks like you pulled off the most Wonderful Shower Ever! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. It was truly a most beautiful day. I’m so blessed to have such a circle of beloved women in my life!

    Love you Christa! Can’t wait to send you a photo of Al battling dragons in her new outfit…

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