Cordially not yours,

Post-it notes. Text messages. Emails. There are plenty of informal, inappropriate ways men have broken it off with a girl. If you’ve ever been that girl, don’t fret. Keep your dignity, have a laugh and send Mr. Coward a formal response.


(Terri Taylor Design from Etsy)


(Vanessa Cavaco Design from Etsy)


(Scotia Made from Etsy)

7 thoughts on “Cordially not yours,

  1. Hey April – I just discovered your blog and that you featured my “bite me” card. That must be why when I Googled my business name I showed up as the #2 hit. How totally awesome is that! Thanks for also marking me as a fave on Etsy. I just spent 20 minutes reading your blog. As they say, “I’ll be back.” 🙂
    Terri Taylor

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