Dreams By the Sea

When your Aunt Janette refuses to sit at the same table as your Aunt Nina. When you’re at a fitting and realize the next three weeks will consist of gym time, gym time and more gym time to squeeze into the dress. When the minister bails. Everybody thinks “I wish we had eloped,” at some point or another while planning a wedding. And while things usually go swimmingly on your big day, there’s no harm in dreaming of what your intimate nuptials would have looked like. A beach wedding is always lovely. Wouldn’t this starfish barrette look amazing in a touseled updo?

The Royal Wedding

Today’s the day! Kate and William are getting hitched! I’m personally waking up early to watch the nuptials – in my pjs (perhaps I’ll wear a hat to join in in the festivities). Can you imagine how absolutely nervous you’d be if you were Kate? Millions of people. Watching your wedding. What. If. You. Need. To. Pee? Seriously. I’m concerned about her bodily functions. I’m sure she’ll do just fine. But I’ll worry for her any way.

{All images via The House That Lars Built. Grab a print or a mug today!}

Bohemian Brigade

I am craving spring something fierce. A couple of weeks ago, Ottawa was hit with a warm front. The snow was melting. It was sweater weather. So I wore my pink flats. “It’s spring! Hoorah! Let’s obsess over umbrellas and wellies and daffodils!” And then the cool front hit again. Woosh. I reluctantly pulled out my winter boots and mittens. But I didn’t stop obsessing over spring. So from here on out, let’s dream in light green and ballerina pink. Our inspiration? This bohemian party via Sweet Tooth.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, my lovelies! How was your weekend? I headed out to Calabogie for a coworker’s wedding. It was lovely. An intimate wedding of 120 people.  Stephanie was stunning (which is no big surprise, cause she’s a beauty from Monday through Friday anyhow). And the groom got weepy, which always reassures me. She’s in good hands.

And then we got our party on. I love my coworkers. They’re the best. At one point the photographer came around to take pictures of couples and I sat there chewing my nails and waiting for that awkward “errr….I’m flying solo” moment. But the boys came to my rescue, crowded round me for a group pic. Thanks, guys!

This week is going to be productive. I’m on the hunt for  cross trainers to keep me motivated (and safe) for my Insanity workouts. My god it’s a hard workout. Also on the agenda? Baking apple crisp for our office Thanksgiving pot luck lunch. And seeing The Town. Will Ben Afleck redeem himself from Gigli? We’ll see!

What have you got on the agenda this week?

{via The Ritzy Bee}

Promises, Promises

My new motto: life is larger than love. I’ve promised myself not to go anywhere near lovey dovey stuff for the next little while.  I’ve stopped reading wedding blogs, watching romantic comedies, buying cards for non-existent sweethearts, and dating altogether. This love detox is good for a girl who falls in love with love. I know it is. But there will always be a mini part of me that lusts after romance. So when I came across Kathleen’s wedding pics from Twig and Thistle, it gave me a giddy feeling coupled with a twinge of jealousy (a very small twinge because I’m happy when people find their soulmates).  Simply beautiful. Alright. I’m glad I got that out of my system. Back to the detox.