Cupid Would Be Proud

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I’m usually all over pink and red at this time of year but what have we here? A heart of gold! How fitting! How cute would this headband and odette arrow ring be with a little pink dress? Yes please! Whatever you wear it with, wear your heart of gold  out where your beau can see it tonight!

Happy February

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Hooray! It’s February! I love this month. Firstly, it’s love month. And while I’ve felt jaded and grumpy about Valentine’s Day in the past, this year I feel happy about it. And I don’t even have a guy in my life! Imagine that. This is the month of romanticism. It’s the month to light candles, take bubble baths, buy yourself flowers and watch beautiful period films (Marie Antoinette, anyone?). I also adore February because I know I’m bound to be bombarded by that happy colour that could brighten the darkest of days – pink.  Finally, it’s Black History Month. I’m planning to listen to  Etta James on repeat, read Zora Neale Hurston and watch Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. How are you celebrating February?

Happy Valentine’s Day

If I get married, I want to be very married.
– Audrey Hepburn

Wishing all the newlyweds, soon-to-be-weds, and we’ve-been-together-forever-weds a very happy Valentine’s day. May today be filled with butterflies, comfort, connectedness and above all love.

Wishing all the singletons the resolve to believe in true love and never settle for anything less (even if “less” has a nice ass).

Link Love

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Happy Friday, dahlings! What are your big plans for the weekend? I’m hitting Mamma Teresa’s tonight for some grub with my dear friend  Megan. Tomorrow I’m going to watch True Grit! Woot! So excited to have yet another Oscar pick under my belt. Otherwise I’m going to be pretty low key this weekend.

Ready for some link love? I’m loving all the Valentine’s Day parties out there so this round of link love is jam packed with how you can say, je t’aime to your love:

  1. Don’t want to go anywhere? Stay cozy at home with an indoor camping adventure or throw a couch picnic!
  2. Hosting a V-day party? I adore this hearty party by Sweet Tooth!
  3. And here’s yet another dessert table by Sweet Tooth that I’m drooling over.
  4. Download a free Valentine courtesy of One Charming Party and send it to your Valentine.
  5. Don’t forget to seal it with a kiss!