Lavender Hot Chocolate

Photo and Recipe via This is Glamorous

Lavender + Chocolate. Could there be a better match? I think not. Except perhaps salt + chocolate. Or lavendar + lemonade. But enough of that. I was doing a little blog homework this morning (it’s tough work perusing through my favourite blogs) and landed on this post by This is Glamorous. If you love pretty things, you’ll die and go to heaven just looking at her blog. And while you’re there, print off the recipe to Lavender Hot Chocolate. Heaven…I’m in heaven….

Link Love

Happy Friday, my peeps! What have you got on the agenda this weekend? Mine is looking pretty low key. Heading out for dinner tonight, and then I’m planning on getting some bookclub reading in (I’ve barely started Escape and we’re discussing it next weekend! Eeek!).  Hope you stay bundled up and warm. It’s supposed to be frigidly cold! A hot toddy may be in order.

Time for Friday link love:

  1. Did you know you that you can ring in 2012 with an overnight stay at Versailles? That’s right! I would love to drift off to sleep in a palace, surrounded by the most ornate and delicate details. {via Lonny}
  2. What a sweet way to find out the sex of your baby! {via Inchmark}
  3. This made me officially miss my long hair. Yes think I’ll grow it out again. {via This is Glamorous}
  4. I may be a vegetarian but good lord how cute is this valentine pizza? Just cut out little hearts in the pepperoni and you’re done! Sweet! {via One Charming Party}

{image via I Lick You}

Lazy Sundays

It’s a dull, dreary day outside. Hooray! It’s just the sort of weather that let’s me be lazy. I adore lazy Sundays. There’s nowhere pressing to be. And you’re free to just hunker down and enjoy your home. Can you imagine spending the day cozied up in one of these beds? It’s like a little cocoon!

{via This is Glamorous}