My bedtime ritual

Bedtime ritual
There was a time where bed was just a place I hung out for 7 or 8 hours a day. Clothes were all over the floor and books littered my room. No wonder I put off going to bed  for so long. But now I love bed time. I spritz my sheets with lavender linen mist and tuck myself in with a cup of hot mint tea. Next it’s time to moisturize – hands, lips – and I’m all set to read. Right now Shelter for the Spirit is on my nightstand – a book about how to appreciate your home. I wonder if I’d have this ritual if I was sharing my bed with someone. Maybe I’d have a different ritual. And maybe that would be just as lovely. But I’m oh so happy with my own ritual now and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it as long as it lasts – be it a year or 10. What is your bedtime ritual?

Rebecca’s Baby Shower: T-E-A

I wanted a touch of an vintage flair for the tea party. We used my great grandmother’s tea cups and platters,  and my Nanny’s tea spoons came in handy too. But I needed something a little extra. So I whipped up this tea poster last week. Every letter is formed with photos of vintage children’s tea parties.

Teaspoons: A Collection

My Nanny gave me her collection of teaspoons on Sunday. They’re for the baby shower. Aren’t they a lovely addition? It’ll add so much family history to the shower. The funny thing is that I never knew she collected spoons. They’re from all over the world. My Poppy was in Foreign Affairs so they moved around a lot: England, Germany, Washington, New York, etc. It means so much to me to have this spoon collection now. It’s a little piece of history. And a little piece of my Nanny. And I love it.

Bec’s Baby Shower

My sister is due in mid-may and asked me to host her baby shower (okay I begged her).  She wanted an intimate affair so it’ll be small but fabulous. When I found out she was having a girl I was pumped. Because a girly baby shower is just the most wondrous thing, isn’t it? Pink. Frills. Feminine. I just sent out the invitations last week and people have started responding. Hooray for tea parties!

Link Love

Happy Friday my doves! My weekend has a pinch of posh to it: going for high tea at the Chateau Laurier! It’s my Nanny’s 85th birthday on Saturday and we’ve decided a girl’s day is needed. My question is…what the heck is high tea? Is it doused in opium or something? Can you only drink it while swinging from the chandelier? Well I am going to find out and let you lovelies know on Monday, with photos and all! What are your plans?

Thought I’d say farewell to the week with some link love.

1. Been hiding under a rock this week? No worries! I’m here to announce that the new issue of Lonny is out! Oh yes. And it’s amazing. Please flip to page 130 first! It’s gorgeous!

2. I’m loving this skirt – so fifties. And it has pockets! {via Oh Joy}

3. My sister and I have promised eachother we’re going to France one day. And this is why. This is another reason.

4. Have you seen the spring collection for J. Crew yet? I love the feminine, pastels! {via Unruly Things}

{Image by Sarah and Bendrix}