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One of these days, I’m going to march into Laduree Paris and order a macaroon or two or six. I’ll probably freak out in a way teenage girls do in reaction to Justin Bieber (minus the crying). I’ll take pictures of the shop, the unimpressed Parisians just trying to get their macaroon fix, and finally myself stuffing my face with the sugary goodness. For that day, the biggest decision I’ll have to make is which colour of macaroon should I eat first. Because really, do you save the prettiest ones for last or not? It could be a great debate. If you’re craving a little Paris at home, you could always try your hand at making the world famous macaroons with the Laduree: The Sweet Recipes Cookbook.


Petit Paris

Can you imagine growing up in Paris? How magical! You’d certainly learn what true beauty is early on. No wonder Parisians get the bad rep of being “stuck up”. Perhaps it’s just because they know good food, architecture and culture from square one! It’d be hard for anything else to measure up. Oh Paris kiddos. I envy you.

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Wouldn’t it be delicious to spend a late afternoon floating above Paris? Just you, Paris and the heavens? So far above the din all you hear is the Ssssssshhhhhh of the burner. The wind flaps your hair around. Your eyes light up as they scan the beauty of the city. The beauty of the clouds (they’d be puffy that day). You’d just coast and leave all your troubles behind. Because none of it matters when you’re floating above Paris.

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