Atlas’s Cottage

We all feel like we’ve got the weight of the world on our shoulder’s sometimes. That’s just when we need to pause, reflect and renew. A little meditation. A bubble bath. Usually a little breather is enough to keep us going for the next 24 hours. But you should never underestimate the power of a real vacation. A whole week of you time.

I’m getting mine this July. My family has rented a cottage (which looks more like a home) in Quebec. It’s a quiet, lake side cottage (no motor boats allowed). I’m looking forward to getting some good reading in, hiking the trails, going for a refreshing swim in the early morning, painting my toes bright pink and playing a little solitaire.

Naturally this cottage getaway has sent me spiraling into a world of quaint, cozy, quiet cottages. I imagine this would be Atlas’s room, if gods cottaged.