Bedroom Inspiration

My bedroom has long been neglected. I want my bedroom to be a little haven for me. I’m thinking clouds. Soft puffy, ethereal clouds. So the look will be blues, whites and silver. The moment I saw this bedroom in the Feb/March 2010 issue of Lonny, I was in love. So I’m making it my inspiration. As soon as I’ve got all the cloud artwork and mirrors up in my bedroom, I’ll show you the final product.

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ikea rens sheepskin rug

IKEA had a midnight madness sale last weekend and it was mad. Naturally there was very little on sale. They put a couple of things on sale and called it midnight madness. But they did have their Rens rugs on sale – regularly $35, but I got them for $20 each. I’m going to use them under my glass coffee table in lieu of an area rug.

a good sofa is hard to find

I’ve been looking for a nice affordable sofabed but haven’t been able to track one down. I was looking at the Karlstad sofabed at IKEA but it felt like a sofabed – hard as a rock. At this point I think I’ve abandonned that avenue and I’m looking for a fabulous couch that I could use a few years down the road.

I’m not sure how I happened upon Mikaza home’s website, but it’s a great online store that sells gorgeous modern furniture at a great price. Plus, they’re located in Ottawa. Here’s the couch I’m looking at purchasing from them – if they have it in a  dark gray. I’m going to visit the showroom sometime in the next two weeks to look at fabric swatches and flip through their catalogue.