Have a Peachy Weekend!


What are you up to this fine weekend, friends? I am planning on tea with Emma (a childhood friend), sipping a glass of vino with my bestie, working my tooshie off during my workouts, devouring the final Hunger Games book, and putting another coat of My Chihauhau Bites polish on my toes.

Have a Delicious Weekend!

Friends! What are your big, beautiful plans for the weekend?

I am going for tea with my bestie (actually going for tea this time, not sorta, maybe going) because…it’s her birthday tomorrow! Hooray! Happy birthday to my favourite friend in all the world!

After tea for two (actually three since Sonya’s expecting – hoorah!), I am heading to a family reunion. My Nanny is one of 16 kids. Sixteen! Can you imagine? You certainly would never feel lonely. So on Saturday afternoon I am going to get hugs and chat it up with family. Even though I barely know most of them, Faubert reunions always seem so happy. You feel like you belong. Even in a room full of people you don’t know.

Then I am going to devour The Hunger Games. The girls at work have been going on about how much they luuurve Hunger Games so I figure it’s something I should get in. I figure I’ll be able to race through it over the weekend.