With V-day right around the corner, the blogosphere is flooded with lovey dovey cards (these Kate Spade Be Mine e-cards are so fun!). It’s got me thinking about romance. What’s your definition of it?

I’m starting to realize that all the “I’ve been waiting for yous” and “You’re too beautiful for mes”, might have meant a great deal to me in the moment, but I’ve come to resent them now, after things haven’t worked out. Words are easy. All you have to do is have a thought, open your mouth and let it spill out.

But gestures have always meant more. It’s more work to drive across town to pick me up during a snowstorm so I don’t have to drive in it. It’s more work to hike up the stairs at 5 a.m. to kiss me goodbye before work. It’s more work to shovel the snow off my car in the morning. When it comes to romance, more walk, less talk please.