500 Dogs Rescued from a Puppy Mill in Shawville, Que

This past Friday, over 500 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in Shawville, Quebec. As you can probably guess, they weren’t in great shape. Dogs are such gentle hearted creatures. And those hearts need a little love right now. If you live in the Ottawa/Outaouais region, please do what you can. The Humane Society needs the following items to help the influx of all these dogs:

  • dog bowls (mostly large and extra large)
  • kongs (please refrain from donating toys because it’s too difficult to monitor so many dogs who may chew/swallow pieces of less sturdy ones)
  • paper towels
  • garbage bags (large and x-large)
  • bleach
  • newspapers
  • bottled water or cans of pop (for the volunteers)
  • gift cards for Walmart (this is where they are buying supplies from)
  • cash
They’ve got a few places where you can drop them off:

Critter Jungle
Ottawa Canine School
Berry’s Pet Foods
Rainbow Doggie Daycare
Masters ‘n Dogs
The Dog House
Wag Pet Shop
Almonte Pet Value

Here’s a video on the rescue (don’t worry it’s not graphic):

Christmas Eve Morning

I nearly had to wake Libby to come and check the tree this morning. She had her heart set on sleeping in. But it’s Christmas Eve morning! And there was a present under the tree with her name on it! Say no more. Sonya gave her this adorable elephant for Christmas! She loves it. I can sense a romance brewing. Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Have you opened your advent calendars yet?

presto puppy

The breeder called me last night about her litters. She said there probably won’t be enough puppies for me to get one in November (one of her dogs is having a whopping 6 puppies and the other is having 2). But then she mentioned something interesting. She said that her friend is a breeder and has a 4 month old Blenheim female! He’s got one lady interested but she had always wanted a ruby (all brown) so she may not take her. If she doesn’t – I could be getting a dog as soon as next weekend! I might have the opportunity to meet the puppy this weekend and then I’ll have to go and buy all the knick knacks for it. Sometimes things happen in one fell swoop!

names for pup nups

I visited the breeder this weekend and was greeted by 15 happy cavaliers. Everyone had a couple of barks, a couple of sniffs and then as soon as I sat down, they all went into different corners and just relaxed. A couple came over and flopped down beside me and I got plenty of love. It’s funny. I went to the breeder’s hoping that I’d like the breed, and now I like them so much that I’d like to get two. I’ll start out with one puppy and after a year or so, I’ll get another. They’re just too lovely.

Donna, the breeder, has two kinds of cavaliers: blenheims and tri-colours. I initially wanted a blenheim but now I’m completely open minded. They’re so cute!



My friend, Jennie, at Please Pick Up Your Socks is looking to get a Great Dane or a Lab/Poodle mix and was debating about names, so I think I’ll do the same today.

If it’s a female, I was thinking: Ellie, Zora, Lolly, Libby, Cassie or Lucy

If it’s a male, I was thinking: Darcy, Bingley or Brinkley

What do you think of the names? Any other ideas of what I could call him/her?

irish red setter

The last contender. The Irish Red Setter. This is the most beautiful dog ever. It wouldn’t be  fair to box her away in an apartment but I’m definitely planning on getting an Irish Red Setter when I get a home of my own!

good with kids
easily housebroken (hooray! no messes!

very independent so they can be a tad hard to train

yorkshire terrier

The fourth contender? The yorkie. Sweet, petite and adorable, these dogs are a tiny bundle of joy.

we’ve got a smartypants on our hands
fiercely loya

wary of people
because they’re so tiny, they’re not recommended for homes with small children

Learn more about the yorkie here.