Bed Bound Monday

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I spent 60 delicious minutes getting a massage at the spa. It was soothing. And necessary. And I plan on doing a lot more primping and pampering over the summer. Nothing says “I love you, self!” like a trip to the spa. I spent the rest of the weekend spending time with family and friends. Then I plopped myself down and found myself immersed in The Forsyte Saga. It’s essentially about a feuding family that goes out of its way to harm eachother and instils in its children that the only way to really love someone is via adultery. It certainly didn’t lift my spirits, but it’s a period piece so naturally I couldn’t tear my eyes from it.

And now it’s Monday. It’s dreary in Ottawa. As much as the weather is dictating that I should want to stay in bed and get cozy, I’m feeling restless. I long for the sun and the outdoors.  Maybe a long walk and then a nap here would do the trick. Yes I think that would satisfy.


Bed Bound Monday

Give me a laptop, a cup of coffee and let me live here this morning. There’s juuuust enough light to stay awake and alert to get stuff accomplished. But it’s dark enough that it still feels cozy. Oh yes, here. Here is where I wish to be this morning.


My bedtime ritual

Bedtime ritual
There was a time where bed was just a place I hung out for 7 or 8 hours a day. Clothes were all over the floor and books littered my room. No wonder I put off going to bed  for so long. But now I love bed time. I spritz my sheets with lavender linen mist and tuck myself in with a cup of hot mint tea. Next it’s time to moisturize – hands, lips – and I’m all set to read. Right now Shelter for the Spirit is on my nightstand – a book about how to appreciate your home. I wonder if I’d have this ritual if I was sharing my bed with someone. Maybe I’d have a different ritual. And maybe that would be just as lovely. But I’m oh so happy with my own ritual now and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it as long as it lasts – be it a year or 10. What is your bedtime ritual?

ready for bed

I’ve been eyeing a certain bed at Crate and Barrel for three years now. It’s a steep price, but I just know that I’d use it forever. The Colette bed is wonderfully plush and feminine. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to fit it up my very narrow staircase into my loftesque bedroom. Crate and Barrel is finally setting up shop in Toronto at the end of September. It’ll be the first C&B in Canada so I’ll likely have it shipped over to me from the city of pavement come October. Hoorah!