Bed Bound Monday

How is everyone surviving daylight saving? I am on my second cup of coffee. What I’m missing is the morning sunlight. My bedroom is in an attic so I have a teeny little window. It’s not a lot of space for light to stream in. I wish this was my bedroom today. And I wish I was in it. I’m having a serious case of the Mondays, guys. Ooosh.


Bed Bound Monday


Happy Monday, folksies! How was your weekend? Mine was not exactly spectacular…..I’ve been under the weather. But today is Family Day in Ontario so I get yet another day to recuperate. I think this spot would be the perfect place to do it. I love all the books at the end of the bed, each one laying in wait to be snatched up and devoured.

Bed Bound Monday

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have a good weekend? I did! I had dinner out with my parents, brunch with my Nan,  had margaritas with my sister, got to snuggle my niece, and I caught Hugo in 3D. It was probably  the most hopeful movie I’ve ever seen. And I dare say, Ben Kingsley should have been nominated for an Oscar for his performance!

In any case, now it’s Monday. I woke up bright and happy but then got to work and felt instantly crabby. A sign that I needed a little day dreaming to keep my spirits up? Indeedy. This bedroom makes me pine for a daughter. A little sunshiny girl who would jump into mommy and daddy’s bed and ask me to read The Princess and the Pea to her. One day. Yes. I’ll dream her into existence.

Here Comes the Sun


Mornings would be so much easier to get through if they were soaked in sunlight. But winter is dark. Your eyes open just a sliver when the alarm goes off. You fumble around for your iPhone and hit snooze. Oh yes. Winter mornings are hard. Particularly Monday winter mornings.


Bed Bound Monday

Image via Houzz

I woke up with a lot of energy this morning. Who is this person? It’s Monday! But as the morning progressed, I slowly but surely started yearning for bed. Bed with classical music playing softly in the background – maybe some Chopin. And a croissant filled with cheese. Ah yes that would be heaven right now.