Thank Heaven For Little Girls

My bestest friend in all the world just found out she’s having a baby girl! As a girly girl, I couldn’t be more happy for my bestie. She’s already had the chance to dress her little boy up in old man outfits. But everybody knows dressing a girl is a billion times more fun. Pink. Frills. Bows. Lace. Oh yay!


Ruby’s Room

Joy created the loveliest little haven for her daughter Ruby. It’s such a nice mix of quirky and feminine. I love that it doesn’t scream, “This is a baby’s room!!!” There are no murals. There’s no overwhelming theme. It’s just a lovely space for sweet Ruby and her mama to spend time in. If you haven’t read Joy’s blog, Oh Joy, yet, what in zee heck have you been doing? It’s probably the blog that got me into blogging in the first place. Enjoy

Libby Love

Amazing weekend! Wasn’t that the most amazing weekend? Yes yes it was. Firstly, look at this sweet beaner! How could I possibly have had a bad weekend hanging out with the loveliest dog that there ever was (but of course I’m not biased).

I woke up early on Saturday and decided Libby and I were going to have a spa day. A day for the girls. So I dusted off the steamer and let the mist work its magic. Then I washed my face with my new Olay Professional Cleansing Brush. Let me tell you. It’s worth the $30 bucks. I’ve got screwed up skin. It gets dry but also breaks out. It’s enough to drive you mad. A couple of times a year I’m able to get in to the spa and see Bookie (the aesthetician who I suspect may enjoy torturing me). Last time I was in she informed me that all the gunk is getting trapped under my dead skin cells. Ew. Hence the imperative need for exfoliation. Sold! This baby gets rid of all your dry skin. After the exfoliation, I drew a bath and sat in the suds with a mud mask on. Heaven.

Libbyloo got fluffed up too! We brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, cleaned her ears and washed her eyes. She was displeased to start but by the end of it I think she realized beauty is worth the hassle.

And then for the best part. I went for the most delicious massage at Renu Spa. When I say delicious I mean it. I nearly drooled I was so relaxed. And I caught myself snoring too. I wasn’t expecting it to be that fantastic. Aren’t those the best surprises? At the end of the massage she gave me spa homework. Spa homework! That’s the best idea ever! So off I went with my epsom salts to clear out my toxins or some such. I wasn’t really listening. All I heard was “Must” “bathe” “hot water” “salts desolve” “soak” “rinse” “cold water”. I may not be the best pupil ever but I do my homework.

Then I was off to see Red Riding Hood. It was hilarious. Hilarious in a “I can’t believe I’m sitting through this torture” kind of way. Please spare yourself. Unless you enjoy laughing at horrible movies. Then go. But otherwise, steer clear. Unless you like Twilight. I think it’s the same director and I could tell there were a few Twihards in the audience – they were the ones laughing at all the right times while everyone else was contemplating the various ways they could take their own lives.

On Sunday morning I had brunch with my Nanny and my sister, Rebecca. Nan didn’t know Bec was meeting us there and you should have seen the look in her eyes when she saw Bec and her baby bump. I love it when you can tell someone is over the moon happy. It made my day.

Then Bec popped by my house and we watched The Business of Being Born and chatted about her birthing plan over tea. It’s funny. A lot of my girlfriends are having or have had kids and until now I’ve never thought about myself in that position.But now that Bec’s pregnant, I think about it a lot. What would I want. Who would I want with me. I wonder what that’s about. In any case, it was lovely to have her for tea. So that was my down time in a nutshell.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?