Bed Bound Monday

There’s something about a bad breakup that sends me spiralling out of control into…..everything girly. I don’t know what it is. But I kind of like it. Instead of sitting in the shower bawling my eyes out, I’m painting my toenails a lovely shade of coral. Instead of drowning my sorrows in a glass of wine, I’m falling in love with love all over again with Nora Ephron films. Instead of listening to sappy love songs on repeat, I’m shopping for a sassy little pink dress. There is comfort and hope in beauty. And I’m damn well going to have my fill.

So. What do you say? Shall we cozy up here a while? Shall we eat macaroons and sip lemonade? Shall we read Bridget Jones’s Diary or Sense & Sensibility? Let’s.

Have a Peachy Weekend!


What are you up to this fine weekend, friends? I am planning on tea with Emma (a childhood friend), sipping a glass of vino with my bestie, working my tooshie off during my workouts, devouring the final Hunger Games book, and putting another coat of My Chihauhau Bites polish on my toes.

Things Are Looking Up!

Sometimes when life feels blah, the universe throws you a bone. And it just threw me a nice fat one! I just won $250 worth of art on Art Space. Isn’t that genius? Gloria wrote a post about the contest on her lovely blog, I entered, and voila! A lovely new piece of art for my abode. Thanks, Gloria!

It was tough for me to decide on a piece but I finally settled on fashion photographer, Pamela Hanson’s Chelsea Hotel. I find it hopeful. Here’s a girl balancing precariously on a beam atop the Chelsea Hotel and what is she clutching onto? Balloons. Hope. A little symbol of happiness and light. That’s exactly what I’m doing these days.

Mealy Apples

A couple of months ago I bit into a mealy apple and realized that that was the worst thing that had happened to me in ages. But the past few days have made it seem like nothing will go right again. Although I know it will. I just have to wait for it. But in the meantime, I have been sleeping far too much for anyone over the age of five. The forestry industry is working over time churning out enough kleenex for me. And just when I think my tear ducts have retired their functionality, they give it one more go. And then another. And then I wonder if they will ever quit.

My beautiful, wonderful, strong best friend, Sonya, gave birth to a sweet baby girl on Saturday. Ella Mae. Isn’t it a beautiful name? She’s pudgy and pink and all the wonderful things little babies should be. But after birth, Sonya had complications and needed surgery. I think I cried the whole day. I know surgery ain’t no thang these days and it’s fairly routine. But I was worried sick. And it wasn’t until she sent me a message in recovery that I breathed a sigh of relief. She showered. She went home. And then today she went back so the doctors could check on little Ella Mae. She’s still there. Ella Mae has jaundice and she’s in icu for 24 hours. My bestfriend is exhausted, recovering from labour and surgery and is currently worried sick about her newborn daughter. And I can’t do a damn thing except send them positive thoughts. I hope you will too.

Nora Ephron died. She was my role model. She brought When Harry Met Sally, Julie & Julia, and You’ve Got Mail into the world. She was witty and heartfelt. Reading her books and watching her movies always felt like hearing from an old, dear friend. Her characters found happiness in a bouquet of sharpened pencils, apple pie with ice cream on the side, and even butter (of course, butter). Nora delighted in the little things and made them so romantic that you fell in love with them right alongside her.  And now she’s gone. And there will be no more movies. Or books. Or words. And it breaks my heart.

There are other things. But I can’t go into them right now. They hurt too much.

I’m sorry for such a sad, mushy post, my loves. I hope to bring you April minus her life of mealy apples soon. Bear with me.


Bed Bound Monday

Oh my god, yes. I need to live in this bed this morning. There’s something grecian about it – so naturally I would read Euripides in between naps. Wouldn’t that be swell?

Did you have a good weekend, my loves? Mine was wonderful. The Boy and I popped over to my parents’ house on Saturday night for a BBQ and then we saw Prometheus at the theatre (which was unfortunately awful). On Sunday, I celebrated Papa’s day with the fam over bagels and strawberries. And that was pretty much that!