Let Yourself Be Soft


It’s the last day of Random Acts of Kindness Week. And since you’ve spent the week doing random acts of kindness for others, I think today is a good day to do a little something for yourself. You might treat yourself to a bubble bath or try nixing the negative voice in your head. But do something for you.

I’m personally going to spend the day letting myself be soft. It’s easy to build a wall without knowing it. One too many disappointments or heartbreaks will do it. But what’s funny about these walls we build is that we think they’ll protect us from the next upset. But they don’t. You still get knocked down. I guess it’s not what knocks you down or how many times in life you get knocked down that defines your resilience but who you are when you get back up. Are you the same ol’ girl you always were? Or are you a harder version of yourself? Today, I’m going to give myself permission to take down the walls and be soft. I feel more authentic already. Maybe I’ll do it all over again tomorrow.



MJ Matt on Flickr

Day Six of Random Acts of Kindness Week should also be a gift to you too. It’s time to bring out your inner child! Send your sister off on a date with her main squeeze and spend the day playing with your niece or nephew. Play barbies, invent songs, watch a Disney movie. And for god sakes invent characters too! Make a fool out of yourself and love every second of it. If you don’t have a kiddo in your life, play a long game of fetch with your pooch!

Give Five Compliments Today

Sea of Shoes

Day Five of Random Acts of Kindness Week calls for five compliments. Tell your waitress that you love her bracelet. Tell your coworker that you think his glasses are cool. Tell your mom you think her new haircut suits her to a tea. Tell your BFF you admire her poise. Tell your brother you’re envious of his Wii skills. But you have to mean them all. Don’t just blurt out a half-hearted, “Your skirt is nice” when you really think it’s kinda hideous. Don’t try to meet your quota for the day. Only true compliments count!

Brighten Someone’s Day with Flowers

Lou, Boos and Shoes

You made it to Day Four of Random Acts of Kindness Week! How’s it going? Is there a little more shimmy in your shake? I hope so! So let’s talk for a minute about that person in your life who’s just got a whole lot of blah going on. I’m not talking about those people who seem to always feel blah. I’m talking about that upbeat girl in your office that just got dumped. Or your mother in law who found out her best friend is battling cancer. The cheerleaders in your life sometimes need someone to cheer them on. And sometimes they need to be reminded why life is worth cheering for in the first place. Send them bright cheerful flowers in red, pink or yellow. And pick some up for yourself too!

UPDATE: One of my sweet coworkers, Stephanie, bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day. It was the kindest gesture! The last thing I expected on Tuesday were bright bold red carnations. It was the loveliest surprise! My bedroom and bathroom have never looked so cheerful! Thank you again, Stephanie!

Dig It

Laura Kern

It’s day three of Random Acts of Kindness Week, and baby it’s cold outside. There’s enough snow out there to prove it. The next time we get walloped with a snow storm, strap your boots on, grab your shovel and get out there. That elderly gentleman down the street who stops to scratch your dog’s chin during your walks with Fido? He could use a hand with his driveway. That single girl who’s staring blankly at the Mount Kilimanjaro sized heap of snow at the end of her laneway?* She could use it too. Five minutes of shoveling alongside a neighbour could make a world of difference to them.

* 100% modeled after one of my disastrous shoveling experiences. Tears were shed. Curse words went flying. Workin’ on my princess complex.

Cupid Would Be Proud

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I’m usually all over pink and red at this time of year but what have we here? A heart of gold! How fitting! How cute would this ban.do headband and odette arrow ring be with a little pink dress? Yes please! Whatever you wear it with, wear your heart of gold  out where your beau can see it tonight!

Tell Someone You Love Them

Matt Clayton Photography

It’s the second day of Random Acts of Kindness Week! Today I want you to tell someone you love them. It could be your hubby, your mom or heck, even your dog. But I want you to look ’em in the eye today and say, “I love you!!” Why? Because it’s easy to get in the habit of saying it on the sly, “Love ya babe” or think that you don’t even need to say it because they already know. But it’s nice to be reminded, isn’t it? Especially if they haven’t been told for a while. And while you’re at it, think about all the things you love about that person before you say it. Do they laugh at your Julia Child impersonations? Do they have a kind smile? Do they rub your head when you’re sick? Count the ways you love them and then blurt it out!