Dating at a Distance

Have I mentioned that the Boy is moving away? He’s in the Navy and they’ve posted him out East for the beginning of July. I think we’re both kind of torn up about it. And while I’ve known that this was coming for a while , I kept thinking, “Oh July is so far away, pshaw. There’s loads of time for the two of us.”

But it’s feeling real now. He’s making trips home to say goodbye to family and friends. He’s flying out to Nova Scotia to look for an apartment. Cutting loose ends. Prepping.

The good news is two-fold: we’ve decided to date at a distance, and that means I’m going to be visiting the East coast!

Tell me, have you ever dated someone at a distance? How did you guys make it work?




Another Mag / Annafolgero / Pinterest / Laduree

One of these days, I’m going to march into Laduree Paris and order a macaroon or two or six. I’ll probably freak out in a way teenage girls do in reaction to Justin Bieber (minus the crying). I’ll take pictures of the shop, the unimpressed Parisians just trying to get their macaroon fix, and finally myself stuffing my face with the sugary goodness. For that day, the biggest decision I’ll have to make is which colour of macaroon should I eat first. Because really, do you save the prettiest ones for last or not? It could be a great debate. If you’re craving a little Paris at home, you could always try your hand at making the world famous macaroons with the Laduree: The Sweet Recipes Cookbook.


Adventures on the Lake

I am not a risk taker. I was scared of the monkey bars as a kid. I can’t skate (and I live in Ottawa – with the world’s longest canal at my doorstep). I think I’ve only been in a canoe once as a kid – and I vividly remember sitting in the middle of the canoe like a little princess while my dad and sister paddled. It’s time to break out of my comfort zone. But being the cautious gal that I am, I’m thinking baby steps are in order. So first up? Kayaking! I’m going to learn! Wish me luck.



Sometimes you need to get away to enjoy pause. Somewhere with no tv, no internet, no phones. A place of quiet where you can sit and take in the world. And maybe do a little reading here and there too. That’s what I’m craving these days.

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Petit Paris

Can you imagine growing up in Paris? How magical! You’d certainly learn what true beauty is early on. No wonder Parisians get the bad rep of being “stuck up”. Perhaps it’s just because they know good food, architecture and culture from square one! It’d be hard for anything else to measure up. Oh Paris kiddos. I envy you.

{via Frolic}


Wouldn’t it be delicious to spend a late afternoon floating above Paris? Just you, Paris and the heavens? So far above the din all you hear is the Ssssssshhhhhh of the burner. The wind flaps your hair around. Your eyes light up as they scan the beauty of the city. The beauty of the clouds (they’d be puffy that day). You’d just coast and leave all your troubles behind. Because none of it matters when you’re floating above Paris.

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Wanda Koop

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I had a lovely low key weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning singing La Vie en Rose. Puttered around a bit and then head to the National Art Gallery. May I just say that I enjoy museums, sure, but by the time I’m through a single exhibit I’m ready to take a long nap. Art galleries, on the other hand, are inspiring. I feel more energetic, cultured and full after browsing through an art gallery. I’m so very happy I went when I did because I got to see the Wanda Koop exhibit. It was amazing. I am now on the hunt for a print of this art piece. No luck so far but I’m determined!

And then hooray! I spent my Sunday afternoon with my niece, Althea. Sleepy, sweet Al. I’m so in love with that girl.