Bedside Lamps

Let me start by saying I wish Ottawa had a Pottery Barn. Or a Williams Sonoma. Or a Crate and Barrel. But we’re stuck with what will be the most mondo Ikea in North America and an EQ3. But I’m making the best of it right? What are your thoughts on these Blaze lamps from EQ3 for my bedside lamps? I’m kinda loving the hammered silver look.

Mouse in the House

I have a mouse. I’d love to share my abode with him. I imagine him to be the kind of mouse that would be in the know of the finest cheeses but wouldn’t refuse a good ol’ chunk of cheddar. A down to earth mouse. He could have his own little apartment in my home and we could furnish it with dollhouse furniture. At dinner, he could tell me tales of how he eluded the neighbourhood cats that day. Alas, he prefers rummaging through my spice drawer.

{image via Pinterest}

Posies for a Pick Me Up

I picked up carnations at the supermarket yesterday after a kinda awful day. They were 50% off. And so was my mood. But then carnations saved the day! I realize they’ve got the rep of being “Ugh. Those cheap things.” but I see them as “Ah. Those cheery things!” So I brought them home, made vase arrangements in my dining and living room, popped them in shot glasses in my bathroom, and mini bowls for my bedroom. And I felt a whole lot better too! If you’re feeling low, bring carnations into your home. It’ll all get better. Promise.

{image from Pinterest}

Petit Paris

Can you imagine growing up in Paris? How magical! You’d certainly learn what true beauty is early on. No wonder Parisians get the bad rep of being “stuck up”. Perhaps it’s just because they know good food, architecture and culture from square one! It’d be hard for anything else to measure up. Oh Paris kiddos. I envy you.

{via Frolic}