Have a Peachy Weekend!


What are you up to this fine weekend, friends? I am planning on tea with Emma (a childhood friend), sipping a glass of vino with my bestie, working my tooshie off during my workouts, devouring the final Hunger Games book, and putting another coat of My Chihauhau Bites polish on my toes.

Have a Colourful Weekend

Hello darlings. It’s Friday. It’s time to hang up your work hat and chill out. Do you have big bold plans this weekend? Or quiet, calm plans? I’m having beers with my sister on Saturday, heading for brunch with my Nanny on Sunday and then I think I’ll pop over to the Canadian Museum of Civilization that afternoon to take in the Maya exhibit. Otherwise, I’m getting my wheels turning on a new project I’m working on. Don’t you love putting on your creative hat and planning something special? It’s so refreshing. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Have a Darling Weekend

I am so thrilled the weekend is upon us! I am getting a pedicure! While I know I’ll squirm my way through it (such sensitive tootsies I have!), I know my feet will feel amazing when it’s all said and done. Plus I’m spending the whole afternoon with my bestie. I absolutely can’t wait.

What have you got planned for the weekend?


Have a Bright Weekend


It’s supposed to be gorgeous in Ottawa this weekend! I can’t wait to take advantage of the sun. I’m heading over to my sister’s house tonight to help frost Althea’s birthday cake for the big party tomorrow. We’re rocking two colours of pink. Pretty exciting. And then on Saturday I’m celebrating my sweet niece and watching her mow down on her first piece of cake. Afterwards, I’m heading for burgers with the boy. Then on Sunday I’m celebrating another great gal in my life – my mom.

Do you have big plans for mother’s day? Are you a mom? What was the best gift you’ve received?


Have a Cheery Weekend!

I’m feeling entirely spoiled today. I came into the office and my amazing coworkers had decorated my cubicle with pom poms and balloons, banana muffins, lavendar lemon cake and lilies. Oooooo and one of my coworkers, who is on mat leave, got Cain Ashby (Young & the Restless) to send me birthday wishes on twitter too! I’m so blessed.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Have a Sweet Weekend

Happy Friday, my doves! What have you got on the agenda this weekend? I am attending Record Day tomorrow! Do I own a record player? No. Actually, I haven’t listened to records since I was a kid but there’s something nostalgic about them, isn’t there? I used to listen to A Christmas Carol with my Poppy on a record every year. I found the radio play on cd recently but there’s something missing without the crackle and pop of the record player . So yes, Record Day shall be attended by yours truly. The boy I’m going with (who owns a player) is quite excited to search out limited edition albums. And I’m kinda excited to see what all the fuss is about. Did you know people camp out for record day? That’s commitment!

Otherwise it’s turning out to be a bit of a low key weekend. I’m hoping I’ll be babysitting my favourite niece tomorrow evening. She’s under the weather, poor babe, so we shall see what the verdict is soon.


Have a Sumptuous Weekend

It’s Friday, friends! Even though it was a short week, it seemed to drag on, didn’t it? But it’s finally Friday. Phew. Tomorrow I am putting the final touches on my masters – just formatting it now – and then treating myself to ice cream to celebrate.

On Sunday I’m going to meet up with my bestie and then hang out with my favourite niece in all the world. 

What are you doing this weekend? Have a good one!