Bed Bound….Tuesday

Hello my doves! Sorry I’ve been amiss! I had a wonderful weekend. Ottawa was hit with a wicked thunderstorm on Friday night so I rented The Woman in Black and scared the hell out of myself.

On Saturday, I got a pedicure with my bestie and we exited the spa donning lilac and strawberry tootsies. And then that night, I had a date with a firefly. Seriously, it was amazing. I sat in the hottub, sipped wine and watched this lovely little creature blink about the trees.

As the weekend wrapped up, I headed to my sister’s house and babysat my fabulous niece. Libby came too and we all tromped outdoors and chased eachother around. Libby was in heaven.

Yesterday I worked from home which is why there was no Bed Bound Monday post. There was only major productivity underway. And no time to be tired.

But there’s plenty of time for sleepiness today. Ooosh. What a morning. I don’t think I’ve been so grateful for Starbucks before. It’d be so nice if I could tuck into this bed with my java by my side. Ah well. I suppose a squeaky office chair will have to do! Have a wonderful Tuesday, my loves!

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