Bed Bound Monday

Hello my beautiful friends! Today, I woke up to snow. Snow! Not only is the white stuff coming down; it’s sticking. Yuck. So naturally the only thing I could do was pick up the ingredients for Mac and Cheese to embrace the cold front and purchase orange tulips to encourage spring back.

What lazy, fabulous things did you get up to this weekend? As you know, I went to Record Store Day. It was fun! We waited in the rain for just over an hour for Vertigo to open up (thank goodness for big umbrellas) and then made a bee line to the records on the boy’s wishlist. I tell you record guys are serious guys. You could hear a pin drop in the store. And then a very happy man and I went to brunch, then back to his abode to listen to the albums. It was lovely. On Saturday night I headed over to my sister’s house, snuggled my niece and laughed my butt off with Bec and Yack (my awesome brother in law). And of course, Sunday was lazy. Aren’t they always?

But today is Monday and it’s snowing. Yucky, icky snow. I am dreaming of spring. I want to drift away on this bed into la la land. With a crown of flowers in my hair. And a  book of Tennyson poems in hand. Sigh. Come back, spring. We miss you.

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