Have a Luck O’ the Irish Weekend!

It’s St. Patty Weekend peeps! What are you doing to celebrate? I’m heading to a 30th birthday party tonight where I plan to drink vino and scare the hell out of the birthday boy with stories of the things that go wrong with your body after a certain age. Example, one week after I turned 30, I pulled a muscle in my back shaving my legs. Also, I forget which keys go to which door all the time. Like every day. Early Alzheimer’s? Luckily there will be beer and tequila to smooth over any feelings of woe.

Then tomorrow is bookclub! We’re reviewing Out of Africa. I have been a very naughty bookclub member and haven’t finished it. Even though it’s beautifully written! Oh dear. Maybe I’ll be able to breeze through a few more pages after work.

And then I may or may not be grabbing a green tea with my bestie. We shall see.

That’s that on my end! Wishing you a phenomenally green weekend!


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