Libby at the Dog Park


“Mom, when can we leave?”

This is Libby’s general viewpoint on off leash dog parks. She either heels like a pro as we wander around the park or she sits on my foot. She likes other dogs but they simultaneously spark her curiosity and her reliance on Mama. Meanwhile labradors are frolicking, poodles are sniffing butts, and daschunds are running as fast as their little legs can carry them. But Libby? Libby wants none of it. Libby wants to leave. After 10 minutes of watching the other pups making merry while I stand around chatting with other dog owners with a fluff ball parked on my foot, I begin to feel like an impostor. A dog park impostor! We’re forced to leave with our tails between our legs. Le sigh. I hope with more visits to the park, Libby comes out of her shell and gets her frolic on. You can do it, sweet pup!



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