Whitney Houston

Quit Mumbling

On Saturday afternoon, my mom and I worked our way through a box of kleenex watching Whitney Houston’s funeral. It was a really beautiful service. You could feel the love pouring out to Whitney. And she deserved every ounce of that love.

It’s a hard thing, I think, transitioning from singing for God to singing for the masses. When you’re singing for God, you’re surrounded by people encouraging you. No criticism. So you can sing your heart out without fear of rejection. Without fear that you’re not going to be good enough. You just get up there and give it your all.

But the public is not as easy on people in the spotlight. When you reach perfection, and let’s be honest, Whitney had one of the most brilliant voices that has ever graced this earth, people hold you to that. In fact, not only do they hold you to it, they ask you for more. I think that’s a lot to ask of a human being. And I think it would be easy to stumble and lose your way with that sort of pressure on your shoulders.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to Whitney Houston if we were a little more forgiving of her. If we showed her a little more love. Rest in peace, Whitney. Your sensitive soul and mesmerizing voice will never be forgotten.


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