Brighten Someone’s Day with Flowers

Lou, Boos and Shoes

You made it to Day Four of Random Acts of Kindness Week! How’s it going? Is there a little more shimmy in your shake? I hope so! So let’s talk for a minute about that person in your life who’s just got a whole lot of blah going on. I’m not talking about those people who seem to always feel blah. I’m talking about that upbeat girl in your office that just got dumped. Or your mother in law who found out her best friend is battling cancer. The cheerleaders in your life sometimes need someone to cheer them on. And sometimes they need to be reminded why life is worth cheering for in the first place. Send them bright cheerful flowers in red, pink or yellow. And pick some up for yourself too!

UPDATE: One of my sweet coworkers, Stephanie, bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day. It was the kindest gesture! The last thing I expected on Tuesday were bright bold red carnations. It was the loveliest surprise! My bedroom and bathroom have never looked so cheerful! Thank you again, Stephanie!

3 thoughts on “Brighten Someone’s Day with Flowers

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