Dig It

Laura Kern

It’s day three of Random Acts of Kindness Week, and baby it’s cold outside. There’s enough snow out there to prove it. The next time we get walloped with a snow storm, strap your boots on, grab your shovel and get out there. That elderly gentleman down the street who stops to scratch your dog’s chin during your walks with Fido? He could use a hand with his driveway. That single girl who’s staring blankly at the Mount Kilimanjaro sized heap of snow at the end of her laneway?* She could use it too. Five minutes of shoveling alongside a neighbour could make a world of difference to them.

* 100% modeled after one of my disastrous shoveling experiences. Tears were shed. Curse words went flying. Workin’ on my princess complex.

One thought on “Dig It

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