Happy Monday, Darlings

Peddecord Photo

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I had such a lovely weekend. On Friday, Ottawa got pummulled with freezing rain so I got to work from home in my pajamas. And then. The theatre. My sister got my tickets to see Svengali at the National Arts Centre so we cabbed over and took our seats. The storyline was kinda sad but the dancing! Oh I love dance. I love love love that these amazing human beings can do such amazing things with their bodies and make it look like it’s no big deal. “Ah it’s no big deal that I’m flying through the air.” “Meh. I do pirouettes all the time.” Whaaaat? Seriously. I need more dance in my life.

I spent Saturday chilling out with my sister, gabbing about life and love with a glass of wine in hand. (It was a sister weekend!!) And of course there was plenty of Althea time –  chasing that cute kid around as she scooted herself across the floor. Oh yes! There’s motion now! And so many smiles! Love that kid.

In other news…I finally took down my Christmas tree. Can you believe it took me this long? Dear lord. I’m kind of embarassed. But I’m also kinda proud that I got it down before February.


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