New Year’s Eve

Photo via This isn’t happiness

So this was supposed to be me on New Year’s Eve. I was going to chill out and watch When Harry Met Sally. But then I bought a feathered headband. There is an unwritten rule that if you buy a feathered headband, you must wear it for New Year’s Eve. (Well now it’s a written rule). So I wore it. And I wore it out.

Stacey and I hit up The Lieutenant’s Pump and I shocked the pub with my flamboyant feathers. We were convinced that guys would be scared off by the feathers. But they weren’t! (Or maybe they were just too drunk to notice the band) So I flirted the night away. New Year’s is such a strange beast of a holiday, isn’t it? What did you do my lovelies?


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Sounds fabulous! Love a good feather!
    We had a murder mystery dinner and Adam did it! Then played with sparklers like little kids in the backyard. All in all, a great night! πŸ™‚

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