Imagine That

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I’ve had a secret crush on all things yesterday lately. My last pick for bookclub was a biography of Audrey Hepburn. I watched a documentary of Grace Kelly last night. But for some reason, the idea of them seemed better then the reality of them. I imagined Audrey Hepburn to be this free spirited, happy-go-lucky gal. I imagined Grace Kelly to be a strong, independent woman with poise. And I suppose they were for their time. They made their own money when most women did not. But they were also so very stuck in a man’s world. Audrey Hepburn gave up role after role after role so she could be a good wife. And Grace Kelly was actually quoted as saying, “Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery.” Gasp! Really Gracie? Really? Why am I always shocked to discover my idols aren’t as idealic when I read into them a little more? But I’m glad I do. It makes me so very happy to be living in 2011.

For the sake of progress, I hope we keep marching forward. I hope I seem incredibly old fashioned 60 years from now. Imagine a world where women didnt make excuses for poor behaviour and never ever shrug and say “boys will be boys”. Where women didn’t think a guy doing the dishes or changing a diaper was a particularly romantic gesture (although hot damn it kinda is these days). Where no one bats a lash at the idea of male nurses or stay at home dads. Where men are not trained by their fathers to be hyper masculine. Where the media doesn’t sexually objectify women. Where women don’t worry about where they land on the good girl scale. Where the words ‘slut’ and ‘virgin’ don’t define a girl or her morals. Imagine.


2 thoughts on “Imagine That

  1. Cool post. I enjoyed it. I imagine those things too.

    You mention no one batting an eyelid at stay at home dads. How about no one batting an eyelid at the phrases a ‘family woman’ and a ‘career man’. I think that would be pretty cool. You don’t hear them because those roles are just expected, aren’t they? But clearly not every woman is a family woman as not every man is a career man.

    Or even better, there could just be people.

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