On Equality

“When Harvard men say they have graduated from Radcliffe, then we’ve made it.”
– Jacqueline Kennedy

Did anyone else watch the news story featuring Jackie Kennedy’s audio tapes on ABC last night? I was so sad for her. I think I had an image of Jackie that was all glitz and glam. Like the only bad thing that happened to her was her husband’s tragic death. But she struggled with depression. And in the tapes, recorded just four months after the President’s death, she described the White House as a kind of prison. Not only was her every move recorded and scrutinized, she was also following John’s lead at all times. Living for him. Sometimes it sounded like she looked up to him almost in father/daughter manner.

At one point in the interview she exclaimed that she didn’t have any political opinions because she didn’t need to. She had her husband’s. At first I was shocked. I’d imagined Jackie would be at the forefront of the women’s movement. But then I realized that the women in that movement were not the norm. They were these bold women full of hope. I can’t blame Jackie for falling in line. Especially in those times. However I’m so glad she came around later on in life.


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