Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone! I know it was a short week but lordie did it feel long. It was a bit of a rough one for me so I’m grateful that it’s Friday. I’m planning to spending the weekend cleaning my apartment, doing some cooking, working and reading Gloria Steinem’s biography. I’m really looking forward to it.

Here are a few bright blog spots I enjoyed through my week:

  1. I’m craving the vegan pineapple coconut banana bread featured over at Joy The Baker.
  2. These winter and summer fruit posters would be amazing in a modern, all white kitchen.
  3. For all you mummies with kids heading back to school, why not pack their lunches with a little note?
  4. Pinwheel art? Amazing! Seriously!
  5. Love these paper treasures from Poppies for Grace.

{image via Pinterest}


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