Happy September

Happy September, lovelies! Isn’t it the most exciting month? Maybe it’s the back to school feeling in the air, but September always gives me the feeling that life is starting fresh. I want new goals. And I want to reach them. And of course, September also signals the start of fall for me. I feel silly wearing flip flops in September. I want flats. Or riding boots (a trend I’ve tragically never followed). And I want to surround myself will all things cozy too: soup, new books, candles. What are your plans for September?

{image via coco + kelly}


2 thoughts on “Happy September

  1. I am inspired by Peter Walsh’s Enough Already and am in the process of a major de-cluttering of EVERYTHING! Shoes, books, old PJ’s, home wares, multiples of stuff, things that need to be fixed but I know that I will never get around to fixing them…the list can go on. I am taking it one small chunk at a time…a junk drawer here, a forgotten box of stuff there. I aim to have a clutter free space by the end of the month.

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