Friday Link Love

The weekend is upon us! Hooray! What are your big plans? I’m heading to Nikko’s birthday party, going to see The Help, meeting my dear friend’s new dog (a Pekenese!) and hanging with my niece. Should be awesome, that is if the cold I feel coming on stays at bay. Ready for a little link love?

  1. I’m craving all things peaches these days. The juicier the better.
  2. Even peachy colours gets me giddy. I adore the colour mix of this party.
  3. Love everything about Jordan Ferney’s picnic guide – from the spread to the dress.
  4. Having a girl would be oh so much fun. I love this ballerina party.
  5. I’m definitely noticing a pinky peachy trend in the blogosphere these days. Adds a little pop of colour in the kitchen!

{image via Pinterest}

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