An Elephant First Birthday Party


A year ago today, my bestfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That little guy turns one today. There is something so sweet about a first birthday. The cake smashing. The hats. This elephant first birthday made me grin from ear to ear. Happy birthday, Nikko!

{found via Little Lovely}


4 thoughts on “An Elephant First Birthday Party

  1. Thank you! Nikko enjoyed the celebrations yesterday (mainly the cake and ripping wrapping paper – not so much the gifts…yet). Mommy on the other hand was delighted one moment looking at her little toddler and weepy the next missing that wee baby.
    Love that elephant theme…too cute!!!

  2. hi there!

    i just found your site today as i looking for ideas for my sons first birthday, and what a beautiful theme you had here!!!! i am going for an elelphant theme as i already ordered the invitations that have a sweet elephant on them. would you mind sharing where you bought the products used? did you make everything? thank you so much!


    • Hey Trish! I didn’t actually throw this party. If you click on the link in the post, it’ll bring you to the original post though! They might be able to help you!

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