I Heart My New Heart Rate Monitor

I kept thinking I was dogging my workouts so I ordered a heart rate monitor. I went with the Mio Drive Petite (aka for women). I love it. Wait. I lurrrve it. And here’s why. Not only does it monitor your heart rate but it does all the hard work for you. It calculates the percentage of your max heart rate you’re working. It also calculates the calories you’re burning (and even sets a 3500 calories goal for you – that’s how many you need to burn to lose a pound). All this time I thought I was a lazy bum. But guess what? I was wrong! Dead wrong! I’m working around or above 90% of my max heart rate. Thank you Mio! What a great way to keep motivated!

P.S. Sorry for the fuzzy photo.

3 thoughts on “I Heart My New Heart Rate Monitor

  1. April, I absolutely love your blog! Thank you for such inspiring loveliness!
    Just a quick question: from where did you order the heart rate monitor? It seems very motivating…
    Claire ( Jennifer`s mom)

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