Adventures on the Lake

I am not a risk taker. I was scared of the monkey bars as a kid. I can’t skate (and I live in Ottawa – with the world’s longest canal at my doorstep). I think I’ve only been in a canoe once as a kid – and I vividly remember sitting in the middle of the canoe like a little princess while my dad and sister paddled. It’s time to break out of my comfort zone. But being the cautious gal that I am, I’m thinking baby steps are in order. So first up? Kayaking! I’m going to learn! Wish me luck.



2 thoughts on “Adventures on the Lake

  1. 2 things:
    1-Good luck kayaking. I hope those lake sharks don’t eat you.
    2-Stop blogging. You are on vacation and should be TECHNOLOGY free!

    • Lol thanks! I wasn’t a huge fan of kayaking but I tried my hand at canoeing and enjoyed that! I wasn’t actually blogging up at the cottage. I scheduled the posts in advance. 🙂

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