Friday Link Love

It’s a different sorta link love this week. A tennis link love. There’s something about watching tennis that I just adore. The audience is quiet. The grunting players. The cute outfits. And of course the skill. I imagine tennis players have no problem making tough decisions in their day to day lives because they spend their careers making those decisions on the court. Tennis is a battle of the wits. And the Wimbledon finals are in full swing this weekend! I’m so very excited to watch Nadal and Sharapova kick butt.  So who are you rooting for?

A little tennis link love headed your way!

  1. Who doesn’t love the fabulous outfits they have for tennis? I think it’s the most stylish sport out there.  Do rock a girly tennis dress a la Caroline Wozniacki but of course in honour of Wimbledon you might want to stick to a cute white number.
  2. Although these days I’m a little worried about what’s happening with this girl….so upsetting. Don’t wear the tennis balls!
  3. How cute are these tennis engagement photos? And wedding photos too!
  4. For die hard tennis buffs, why not host a wedding reception court side? Here’s another!
  5. I find tennis photos of yesteryear so lovely. Check them out here and here.


{image via Galactic Dreams}


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