Friday Link Love

Sorry my posts have been sporadic this week, my dears! But I’m back at it now. Just in time for the weekend. I hope you have a brilliant one! Here’s a little link love to start it off right!

  1. I wish I had the balls to paint a room pink.
  2. These push pops would be dangerous to have on hand in the freezer. In my house, they’d be gone in a weekend. And I don’t even have roomies.
  3. Just a little cute for the weekend. I believe that any breed mixed with a king charles cavalier spaniel will be the cutest dog on the block. Unless of course that block has a cavalier on it. Case in point.
  4. I wonder if my niece is going to be a girly girl like her Auntie. If so, she’s gonna love this Degas inspired craft!
  5. Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? Remember the scene where she makes just one cupcake? At the time I thought “that’s a hell of a lot of work for just one cupcake!” but after seeing these Forrero Roche Cupcakes, I partially want to follow in her footsteps. (For fear of eating the entire dozen in one sitting)

{via Pinterest}


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