Le Happy

Work has been stressful lately. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and disrespected. I’ve been so busy catching up with small little annoyances at work that I haven’t been able to write. If the phone isn’t ringing, someone is emailing me or popping by my cubicle with another proof. And did I mention I work in a cubicle? Hardly an ideal environment for writing. I miss writing. I miss delving into the research of a story, becoming a pseudo expert on a topic and writing a cute and quirky story. I miss playing with words. I miss telling a story.

I hate being frustrated. No one wants to be around frustrated April. I don’t even want to be around frustrated April. So today, when my blood started to boil, I took a moment. I read a few blogs and slowly but surely I felt calm again. Beautiful things make me calm. The blogosphere is my happy place. Where is yours?

{image via Simply Grove}

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