Friday Link Love

Happy Friday you beauties! What have you got planned for the weekend? One word. Pedicure. Oh yes, I’ve been pampering myself lately. First the highlights and now a pedicure. It’s going to feel amazing. Better yet, I’m getting my footsies fabuloused up with my favourite friend, Sonya. Hooray!

I’m loving so many things in the blogosphere this week that it was tough to pick, but without further adieu, here’s some link love:

  1. My earlobes are screaming to don these dogwood earrings.
  2. What a lovely way to hide everything under the kitchen sink. Just skirt the issue!
  3. What I wouldn’t give to snack on strawberry balsamic flatbread with a glass of pinot right now.
  4. Adoring these hydrangeas centrepieces. Love!
  5. I’d love it if my patio looked like this!


{via Pinterest}


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