It’s Permanent. It’s Important. Please help.

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo guys. I’ve been thinking about it for nearly a year now. Ok here’s the deal. I know for sure that I’d like words. But what words? And where? So here’s what I’m thinking.

Place? Inside of my wrist:


Calligraphy? Betsy Dunlap. Here’s a sample of her calligraphy turned tattoo:

Words? A Navajo prayer:

Beauty before me.
Beauty behind me.
Beauty above me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty all around me.

Here’s my question. How long do you wait before you go ahead and get a tattoo? I am really scared about getting it and then hating it afterwards. So….naturally I’m inclined to wait a whole other year before taking the risk. Am I crazy? What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “It’s Permanent. It’s Important. Please help.

  1. I have two….I sat on the designs for 5 years each at least…like you said, you want to be 100% sure that you want that on your body. I figured that after 5 years and I”m still thinking about the same design then I must want it. Still terrifying the day you go get it though. Both of mine are where I can hide them, which helps…sometimes I forget I even have them.(under my underwear line to be exact) There’s been many times I was super happy that they weren’t visible all the time.
    BUT I’m thinking of a third and I think the wrist would be a good idea as you can always turn your arm in to hide it if you want. That’s just my experience. Also, make sure that it’s something that makes your heart sing…you know what I mean!?

    • That is really good advice. Ok. For the next year (or five) I will ask myself if it makes my heart sing. And if it doesn’t, I could always get bracelets with the words on them. There. There are options. Thanks Jennifer!

  2. When I got the lyrics on the side of my ribcage it was more about the moment in time that I wanted to capture. The words were important – definately – but it was about always having that part of my life with me (and also with my mom.)

    I say if you want to get the tattoo, you should get it! You’ve wanted to be 30 for almost as long as I’ve known you so I say this is the year – and I love wrist tattoo’s. Mine is in a discreet place, which is also nice. But I find that I love showing it off and that can only happen in the summer, so I’ve had my thoughts about getting another one in a visible place too. 🙂

    I loveeeee “Beauty all around me”

    • Oh thanks Steph! That is a very good point! I just don’t know if I’m in lurrrveee with the words yet. I may just want a simple “Beauty” and for a long time I wanted just “Lovely”. Must figure that out first but I really love that prayer. I try to say it when I’m feeling sad or scared or when I just need to work something out in my mind. It helps.

  3. Wait as long as it takes for you to know you love the idea, that may be 2 months or it may be 2 years, you will know when your ready!

    Also you may want to draw in on fora few weeks and see if you like it, many shops will draw it on for you for a small fee, that way you can walk around with it and see how you like it!

  4. I have one on my lower back. I got it when I was 28. I loved it for a long, long time. Now I want it off. My advice if you want one is to think about it for at least 6 months and try to imagine yourself as a 60 year old woman with one. And don’t get it on your wrist. I can promise you that you will regret it and it will be a professional liability in years to come. It’s not a cool or ‘alt’ position, but that’s the way it is.

    Smoochies! Tonya

  5. I’ve always wanted a butterfly anklet. Always – since I was 16. That must mean I could live with it. It’s the pain. The sheer pain – that freaks me out.

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