Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so happy it’s the weekend. The plans: Bridesmaids, a game of Sherlock Holmes and snuggling my niece. Oh yes. It’s gonna be a good one! On to some link love!

  1. The latest Rue is out! I can’t wait to read it this weekend!
  2. How kind is Nicole from Making it Lovely? She created this poster for her daughter and you can download it for yours here! P.S. Fits perfectly in the Ikea frames! I hope my niece likes it!
  3. I’m really digging these paintings by Cocoa & Hearts. They’re simple but the vivid colours make me so happy!
  4. I am aching for Ottawa to get a J. Crew. Come on Canucks! Let’s get our shit together here!
  5. I would be quite content staying here for the summer, wouldn’t you?

{image via Inspired Events}

One thought on “Friday Link Love

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