Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sorry my posts have been so sparse lately. I’ve been getting back into working out (after a year’s hiatus) so I’m generally a bump on a log in the evenings. But that’s a good thing. Has anyone else noticed that a good workout can make you feel like a million bucks? I’ve been rocking Jillian Michaels new(ish) dvd, Ripped in 30. It’s hard but motivating.

What are you lovelies up to this weekend? I’m hitting the art gallery on Saturday afternoon and I’m hoping I’ll get to snuggle my niece too.You guys ready for some link love?

  1. I’m ready for pretty sandals and dresses! Are you?
  2. I think this button art is such a lovely way to show off your heirlooms.
  3. Having a bbq this weekend? Cheer up your boring beer cups with some paint!
  4. Leave it to Parisians to make potholes look pretty.
  5. I can’t get this purple inspiration board out of my mind!

{image via Beach Bungalow 8}

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