My sister, Rebecca, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, May 7th, just an hour before Mother’s Day. Rebecca was amazing and let me and my parents witness the whole thing! Althea is 7 pounds, 5 ounces of sweetness and light. So proud of my sister and so happy to be an aunt! Here I am with my lovely little niece!


4 thoughts on “Althea

  1. what an amazing experience it must have been to witness her birth! congrats to your sister and family – that little munchkin is too cute 🙂

  2. A big congrats to Amazing Mama Bec, Proud Papa Yack, Gramps and Grandma, Great-Nanny, and of course the lovely Auntie April. Welcome sweet Althea, you are loved muchly and part of a wonderful family. XOX

  3. This is the first picture of Althea I have seen. She is so beautiful! I love the reddish hair. What a precious little being. Much much love to all of you. Pure happiness! xox

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