Secret Passageways

I watched The Remains of the Day last night and the characters kept opening secret doors (hidden by bookcases or wallpaper) and waltzing through like it was no big thing. But it is a big thing, don’t you think? I used to dream about secret doors, passageways and staircases as a child. Isn’t it dreamy to imagine that you could be whirled away to another room or even world – all in secret? Oh I love it. From Alice in Wonderland to The Balloon Tree, I’ve always been taken with secret adventures. If I ever have the privilege of building my own home, I would create a secret door in one of the rooms – to lead (perhaps through a secret passageway) to a secret room with a large armchair or chaise in it, where I could curl up with my book du jour and read quietly.

{image via The House Lars Built}


One thought on “Secret Passageways

  1. Oooh yes indeedy! I loves me a a secret passage. “The Secret Garden” and “The Princess and the Goblin” both have a secret passage in them too!

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